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A new architecture lets Opsview Monitor 6.0 scale to millions of service checks
By Neil Ferguson, Director of Customer Success
New monitoring architecture capabilities, improved scale and performance, and improved UI/UX let Opsview 6 adapt to dynamic, fast-growing IT...
Video teaser
By Opsview Team, Administrator
Introducing Opsview Cloud, our new monitoring service that alleviates the admin burden weighing down IT ops teams, empowering the
Opsview Monitor 6.2
By Opsview Team, Administrator
Hands-off automated config/discovery for Windows hosts highlights this new release. 
IT Outages
By Opsview Team, Administrator
IT outages can occur abruptly and without warning. Are you prepared?
Optimize Ruthlessly
By John Jainschigg, Technical Content Marketing Manager
Almost nothing (kittens and chocolate ice cream being the only known exceptions) is good from the very start.
Be Excellent in Crisis
By John Jainschigg, Technical Content Marketing Manager
Treating failure as inevitable provides a basis for engineering robust, high-performance solutions. 
Results Exporter lets you filter outbound messages
By Owen Jenkins, Technical Intern
Opsview Results Exporter outputs messages to log servers and analytics platforms. Learn how you can filter those results for lower data volume.
Be Proactive, Not Reactive
By John Jainschigg, Technical Content Marketing Manager
Fun fact: most IT outages happen because someone screwed up a config.
Boost Signal - Reject Noise
By John Jainschigg, Technical Content Marketing Manager
IT complexities can be distracting. Don't let losing focus of what's important become fatal. 
Explore metrics and continue to evolve
By John Jainschigg, Technical Content Marketing Manager
Are you and your team living in a 2015-world? Be an IT Hero and propose disruptive upgrades to the process.
Conway's Game of Life in one line of APL - one of the hardest-to-read programs ever written
By James Luckett, Graduate Software Engineer
Consistent coding style makes production code readable and usable by many. Here are some tools Opsview uses to keep Python and Perl codebases...