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Downtime is Irrelevant: Navigating the 100% Uptime Myth

Uptime, uptime uptime. No outages. Not even for a second.  We need it 100% guaranteed.. Our business depends on it. Can you do it? 

Sound familiar? With technology becoming more and more intertwined with how organizations operate, SLAs of 100% uptime are becoming more and more common place. 

However, is 100% uptime even achievable? There is a disparity between what organizations expect, and what is actually possible. How can you close the gap, and finally put to rest the 100% uptime myth?

Download this eBook to learn:

  • The origin of the 100% uptime myth
  • Ways to agree on achievable SLAs
  • How much outages of major brands really cost
  • How "Always-On" media companies such as Cisco, Sky, Betfair, King Digital Entertainment (makers of Candy Crush), assure their business' services uptime.

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