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Why Service Uptime Means So Much

Sure, companies offer “service uptime guarantees”, but is anything 100% in this world anymore? Whether it’s your website that’s down, servers or devices, the impact on your business is critical. Service uptime is the performance metric that determines operational success and when something fails, the impact can be far reaching, often affecting a business’s bottom line. Having the right monitoring solution in place secures you from suffering losses in revenue and credibility. 

Loss of revenue associated with downtime

Reports vary slightly, but according to an August 2016 study conducted by Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC), “81% of respondents indicated that 60 minutes of downtime costs their business over $300,000.” That’s a staggering number that can result in unrecoverable losses for some businesses. 

With Opsview’s alerting system and methods of notification, there’s the assurance that if there is a problem, the right people will be delivered the right information at the right time. Not only does Opsview Monitor come with a variety of built-in notification methods, we also offer the option to smoothly integrate with notification tools like PagerDuty, Slack and Twilio. 

Loss of credibility

Service uptime failure does not just mean a loss of money. Service level agreements (SLAs) are the lifeblood of some businesses. The ability to meet these SLAs hinges on service uptime and IT infrastructure reliability. If you’re not able to deliver, you lose credibility not just with your co-workers, but with your customers. 

Service-level reports inform business leaders of service uptime and ensure alignment with IT objectives. At Opsview, we offer a comprehensive reporting system including the option to display statistics, charts and more. We can generate SLA reports for intervals including daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, with these emailed automatically to you or the end customer, showing the performance against SLA of that service over that time.

Service Uptime Opsview Monitor

Opsview can help

In addition to reliable alerts and notifications and robust reporting, Opsview offers a suite of features to measure service uptime. Opsview Monitor has an intuitive user interface that allows you to manage and check the uptime of all your servers and monitor website availability from a single view. Plus, Opsview Monitor Mobile allows you to remotely access and resolve issues from your Apple or Android phone. 

Additionally, the Opsview Savings Calculator is a cool little tool we built to help calculate annual savings when implementing a monitoring tool like Opsview Monitor. 

Get unified insight into your IT operations with Opsview Monitor

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