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Top 5 IT Focused Podcasts Geared Toward Sysadmins



The mediums through which people consume information are constantly evolving, and one of the more popular formats these days are podcasts. In fact, about 25% of time spent listening to audio sources is by means of podcasts. The IT world is no stranger to this statistic and more tech-focused podcasts continue to pop up on a regular basis. While some service-based websites create podcasts as a means of plugging their own products, there is a wide selection of others to choose from which consistently provide sysadmin (and all IT professionals) with valuable information. Navigating the endless sea of options can be quite difficult, so we have put together a list of our top 5 favorite podcasts which we find to be beneficial for sysadmin. Take some time out of your day to listen to our selections and you will be able to take advantage of their insightful IT advice! 

1. Security Weekly- While rather unorthodox in style, Security Weekly lives by the respectable mission of providing free content to its listeners within the subject matters of IT security news, vulnerabilities, hacking, and research. Always eager to discuss new technologies and tools, Paul  Asadoorian (the host of the podcast) strives to teach people how to become ‘security ninjas’. The mixture of technical content and Paul’s entertaining style has set a unique standard in the IT podcasting world with a devoted audience being the result. With security being a primary focus amongst sysadmin responsibilities, Security Weekly is one of the more respected authorities out there who shed light on the increasingly important topic.

2. Packet Pushers- Packet Pushers releases new episodes multiple times per month and the podcast mainly covers the data networking industry. Co-hosts Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks are professional network architects/writers with a boatload of experience in network engineering and design. Be forewarned, this podcast is not geared toward beginner sysadmins. The content is very technical in nature and provides detail-orientated networking information that engineers can’t get enough of. For sysadmin and network savvy IT folks who have a few years under their belt, Packet Pushers is an ideal knowledge source that continues to grow based on their passion for the subject matter.

3. TechSNAP- TechSNAP is a weekly podcast which focuses on system and network administration. The podcast does a good job of covering IT news stories which have a substantial impact on everybody who works in the tech industry. With a dedication to devoting portions of each show to answer audience questions, discuss best sysadmin practices, and solve commonly asked issues, TechSNAP is one of the top IT podcasts on the internet. While the long ads can be frustrating, their conversations are constructive enough to bear through them.

4. Risky Business- Risky Business is a popular weekly IT security news roundup podcast that is a fan-favorite amongst sysadmin. Adam and Pat take a lighthearted yet informative look at the most buzzing information security topics. Featuring insightful interviews and in-depth takes on the latest developments in the IT world, Risky Business provides a great mix of entertainment and helpful sysadmin tidbits. While Risky Biz may be based in Australia, their content does a great job of connecting with a worldwide audience.

5. The Cloudcast- Honored with multiple awards, The Cloudcast covers a variety of relevant IT topics including cloud computing, AWS ecosystems, Open Source technologies, DevOps programming, AppDev, SaaS and SDN. Their informative podcasts provide readers with quality write-ups on that week’s particular subject matter. Serving as both an insightful listening experience as well as a blog, The Cloudcast is ideal for IT professionals who are searching for a podcast that discusses a wide range of relevant topics in the tech industry. 

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