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State of the Sysadmin Report: How to Showcase Your Strategic Value

The introductory blog post to our recently released ‘State of the Sysadmin’ e-book laid out a few prominent highlights from the report which should deeply resonate with sysadmins as well as all other IT professionals. One of the more important results that came from our survey is the fact that successful sysadmins are taking a strategic approach to their work in order to contribute greater value to the business as a whole. This mentality is far from past sysadmin stereotypes which classify IT employees as reclusive workers who only come out of their corners when something important needs to be fixed. The wave of innovation we are experiencing in the tech world has disproved this past conception and revealed IT pros to be front and center as representatives of today’s most prevalent technologies.

As it turns out, all of these IT leaders have one particular trait in common; their strategic approach has enabled them to advance in their career and naturally increase their salary as a result. If you are a sysadmin who is looking to make a greater impact with your work, delving into the details of our ‘State of the Sysadmin’ report is the perfect place to start.

Sysadmins Know Their Value

We’re all looking to climb up the professional ladder and the ambition of sysadmins is no different. While there is still some work to be done on the end of sysadmins to display their value to the rest of the company, the results of our survey are clear in that they view their own role as strategic. The graph below is a clear indicator of these varying levels of perception.

No sysadmin wants to have a reputation of only being useful when an IT problem arises. IT professionals are confident in the reality that their responsibilities are essential in the creation of strategic plans. But in order to take their position (and ultimately their career) to the next level, sysadmins have to work in a manner which leaves no doubts in the mind of any employee on their strategic capabilities.

How Sysadmins Can Prove Their Strategic Capabilities

You know your job is vital to the day-to-day functioning of any business and there will always be a need for sysadmins to fix performance issues on the fly. However, it will take more than quick bug fixes to prove your worth as a strategic IT professional with solutions that will increase organizational efficiency, thereby increasing revenue and your own salary. Here are a few ideas that sysadmins can implement in order to work strategically as they pursue both individual and organizational success:

  • Recommend new IT solutions that can easily fix common business problems
  • Spend less time on configuring software and messing around with endless lines of source code; spend more time on working with both IT and non-IT employees in order to increase productivity
  • Implement a full scale system monitoring solution that eliminates much of the time consuming transactional work that traditionally bogs down sysadmins

Ultimately, with the right IT tools and a proper mindset into how you spend your time as a sysadmin, the strategic importance of your work will shine through, resulting in added organizational value and you receiving a well-deserved increased paycheck!

Click here to read instructions on how to receive our ‘2015 State of the Sysadmin’ report. 

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