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It’s National Sysadmin Day! 5 Reasons Why You Should Thank Your Sysadmin for Being Awesome

Today is the last Friday in July and that means it is officially Sysadmin day! While the IT wizards behind the scenes don’t receive the attention they may deserve throughout the rest of year, today is when we ensure all sysadmins are properly credited for their valuable contributions to companies around the world. Day after day, sysadmins spend long hours backing up servers and managing systems that enable everyone else around them to be productive. And more often than not, the best sysadmin are noticed the least. If all your applications are consistently functioning and you rarely experience any sort viruses or bugs, this means that your sysadmin is doing a great job. With the need for technological capabilities at an all-time high and IT pros being the reliable gatekeepers, it is only fair to highlight a few reasons why they deserve your praise on Sysadmin Day. Once you learn why sysadmins are so important to the well-being of any business, read our new blog on 5 Last Minute Ideas to Make Sure Your Sysadmin Feels like a Hero on Sysadmin Day.

1. Keeping Uptime ‘Up’- In a time when the general public expects their technology to work every second of every day, sysadmins are the powerful individuals who ensure that your Internet-based services are constantly available. While 100% uptime is a myth (a subject we analyze in our Downtime is Irrelevant: Navigating the 100% Uptime Myth e-book), most systems retain uptime at around the 99% mark and sysadmins are the ones making that happen. Even the smallest interruptions can be costly to businesses that rely heavily on on-demand technology, with downtime costing companies $140,000 per incident on average. Between the use of monitoring solutions and a dedicated effort to keeping crucial applications up-to-date, sysadmins deserve a big thank you for keeping your systems up and running on a daily basis.

2. Minimizing Data Loss-  It is common practice for sysadmins to run backups overnight that ensure any kind of server crash will not result in the loss of essential data and/or information. Taking these proactive initiatives is a vital part of the security hat every sysadmin wears by limiting huge risks such as data loss. Most days go by without any glitches, but when your computer crashes and high priority documents are seemingly lost, these are the moments when the sysadmin is there to save the day and recover the files. Sysadmin Day is a perfect opportunity to thank them for talents and knock on wood that you don’t suffer from any more blue screens of death!

3. Consistent Connections- Sysadmins are also responsible for maintaining network infrastructure and diagnosing any connection problems. Managing the network your systems are synced up with ensures network traffic doesn’t slow down connection speed. So while it is easy to complain about your Internet being slow since you and hundreds of other employees are watching YouTube videos and streaming music, it is the sysadmins who are monitoring everything behind the scenes and working to make sure connections are at an optimal level. It is basically impossible to be productive these days without web pages and apps loading instantaneously, and it is harder than one may think to manage large scale networks. Without sysadmins knowing the ins and outs of switches and routers, your day would go by a lot slower than it already does. That alone is worth thanking your sysadmin for.

4. Maintaining Company Specific Tools- Along with managing a never-faltering Internet connection, sysadmins remain as your go-to source for setting up and upgrading the company specific tools which you use every day. From marketing/sales platforms such as CRM software’s to operations/engineering systems, sysadmins need to be knowledgeable in all of the above in order to effectively troubleshoot problems that arise in any department. Between the installation, configuration, integration, and documentation of all technologies that are utilized by the company, the duties of a sysadmin have no boundaries. It is easy to get frustrated and run to the IT department with a “Fix this, I need it now” type attitude when one of your tools is malfunctioning. Sysadmin Day is your chance to thank your sysadmin for putting up with your silly questions and lack of patience.

5. Putting Their Responsibilities Aside To Help You- With help desk ticket e-mail inboxes almost always being full, sometimes it is easy to forget that sysadmins have their own tasks to complete. So when a sysadmin comes over to your desk to help reconnect your e-mail or get rid of that annoying error screen that keeps popping up, he or she is taking the time out of their day to help make your life easier. Sure, this is something that is expected of your IT department, but sysadmins never seem to receive the accolades they earn every day on the job. With 70% of IT professionals claiming they’d work harder if they felt more appreciated, Sysadmin Day is the ideal time to remember all of the moments when your sysadmin has saved your ass and thank them for everything they do. So go thank you right now!

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