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Five Ways to Celebrate and Appreciate Sysadmins on Sysadmin Day!

It seems like every day has its own annual holiday nowadays, and social media is the perfect catalyst to drive attention to all sorts of celebrations. However, the last Friday of July has been recognized as Sysadmin Day for over 15 years and we’d never let it pass by without recognizing the longstanding holiday. 

The life of a sysadmin is never a dull one. From embracing the changes of a constantly evolving role to constantly being the unsung heroes of IT who ensure the smooth operation of the business by preventing downtime, sysadmins deserve a great deal of appreciation for all their hard work. As a reminder that we don’t take sysadmins for granted, here are five ways to celebrate Sysadmin Day and show appreciation for the guys who keep IT running around the clock. 

1. Follow IT protocol 

It is easy to disregard the long list of instructions provided by IT in regards to properly using/upgrading important applications. However, following IT protocol created by your experienced sysadmins is the best way of ensuring that avoidable technical issues don’t disrupt everyone’s daily routine. There is a reason why sysadmins are vital to business operations, so take their advice seriously from the get-go and have faith that following their expertise is in your best interest. 

2. Learn how to fix common technical issues on your own

It is never fun for sysadmins to deal with repeat offenders! More often than not, basic internal IT issues can be resolved by means of simple solutions, with rebooting/refreshing/reconnecting being the most well-known out of the bunch. If you find yourself running into similar technical issues, try to utilize these common tactics instead of running to your sysadmin for help. By taking the initiative to learn quick fixes on your own, sysadmins will have more time to take on high-priority (and often more exciting) business tasks and that will put a smile on their face. 

3. Respect the time of sysadmins 

Always respect that time is precious for sysadmins. If you’ve filled out a help desk ticket and haven’t received a response within 20 minutes, don’t complain and act like everything revolves around your one particular issue. If you are patient and provide sysadmins with useful information when reporting a problem (i.e. say more than ‘This is broken!’), it will go a long way toward increasing efficiency and making their long workday painless as possible. 

4. Keep Sysadmin Day stress-free 

Sysadmin Day is a day of celebration! Let sysadmins enjoy themselves and have a day to pat themselves on the back for all their hard work. If you’re experiencing a technical issue, try to hold off on bringing it up until Monday because all sysadmins should be taking long lunches, leaving early, and grabbing a few drinks to celebrate their day! Sysadmins are always on-call, so play your part in telling them how much you appreciate their efforts and maybe even have a conversation that doesn’t revolve around work. If you really want to show your appreciation, get some people around the office to chip in for a few gifts…usually a funny t-shirt does the trick! 

5. Try to treat every day like Sysadmin Day

Last but not least, try to make all the above a part of your daily routine beyond just one day of the year. Being extra nice to sysadmins on Sysadmin Day is all well and good, but if you revert back to being hard to work with next week, all of your compliments/kind words won’t mean as much. It takes a ton of dedication for sysadmins to deal with a never-ending list of problems that require them to be at the office long after you’ve gone home. With that in mind, do your part every day to help make their lives easier, and you’ll make this Sysadmin Day the best one yet! 


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