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Breakthrough in Mobile Data in Excess of 1 Tbps Means Good and Bad News for System Administrators

The Good News

At the 5G Innovation Center UK, Opsview Customer the University of Surrey achieved 1 Tbps in 5G speed tests as reported from Dan Worth by V3 at the V3 Enterprise mobility Summit.  That means speeds far exceeding the second best testing done by Samsung at 7.5 Gbps.

At these speeds, technologies can not only be supported, but also developed including driverless cars, and feature rich communication. Although this technology is a breakthrough for both communication and wireless technology, it emphasizes the growing need for extremely fast, extendable and now fully mobile capable monitoring solutions.

IT monitoring is mainly done on devices that are connected to a network to handle such immense data transfers.  This means that most mobile monitoring applications are usually scaled back versions that tend to do alerting and offer some capabilities.

With the transfer speeds and bandwidth at 1 Tbps, the future of IT monitoring could possibly be all on mobile. With this new benchmark of data exchange through mobile network technology, full monitoring suites and real time monitoring can be done anywhere, anytime, with anything.  

With such pressure being put on both on the specific system administration role and also IT professionals in general, this breakthrough is only going to increase the demand. Right now, projections say that even with offshoring of some areas, network and computer system admins will grow by nearly 30% in just 10 years

The Bad News

That means good and bad news for system administrators and IT professionals everywhere.  The good news is that you’ll be able to have your entire system in front of you at all times.  The bad news is that you’ll be able to have your entire system in front of you at all times. With already long hours being put in by most system administrators, having the system at your fingertips will only increase SLAs on uptime dramatically.

With such a dramatic increase in speeds, the reliance on businesses to keep pace will only exacerbate the growing strain on IT departments. Navigating the disparity between managerial SLAs and actual achievable SLAs will be paramount in garnering success in the future. Using a scalable IT monitoring solution that is able to be extended on mobile will help in meeting those managerial SLAs.  

If you, or your team is having problems in developing achievable SLAs with management, check out our ebook, Downtime is Irrelevant: Navigating the 100% Uptime Myth.  


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