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2015 Gift Guide For Sysadmins

The holidays are fast approaching and techies across the world are curious if their significant others have any clue as to what to get them this year. Regardless of what winter holiday you happen to celebrate, it’s time to get into present mode and there are a plethora of cool gifts available that would put a smile on the face of any IT pro. You may not find these at your standard retail store or at the mall, but here is a list of the best (and affordable) tech-oriented gifts of 2015 that are tailor-made for the sysadmins of the world. 

Raspberry Pi 2


Perhaps the most obvious choice of the year, the small yet powerful Raspberry Pi 2 computer makes for a fitting stocking-stuffer this year. No tech-savvy individual would be disappointed by receiving their first Raspberry Pi 2, and the timing couldn’t be better considering all of the news around the latest version of the tool within the past few weeks. A tiny, low-powered computer that you can connect to any large-screen and play Minecraft? For less than $50? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lamp


The Force will be strong this holiday season with the J.J. Abrams follow-on to the "Star Wars" franchise coming soon. To show support to the rebel alliance and any obsessed Star Wars lover, this lighted schematic of Han Solo's Millennium Falcon spaceship acts as a lamp and will make for an impressively unique gift. Perfect for any room or office setting, you can change the lighting's color to any in the rainbow to match the mood during late nights in front of the screen. A nostalgic trip to the movies accompanied by the coolest lamp of 2015 should go over pretty well with any techie.  

Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator


From Star Wars to Star Trek, this is one gift you can't put under the tree because it won't ship until January. However, the $150 "Star Trek" original-series communicator is not merely a replica -- it's a working device and well worth the wait. It connects to your iPhone or Android smartphone via Bluetooth, exactly like a headset or car system does, so you can talk over it and listen to music through it. You can actually conduct a conversation over this communicator, making those ‘Kirk to Spock’ moments a reality for those who would relish in that possibility.

Google On-Hub Router by TP-Link


A router is typically a risky type of gift depending on your level of IT expertise, but not Google’s OnHub. The nuclear-tower-shaped device essentially eliminates stressful setup time and confusing interfaces. Managing a network is also easy—even from thousands of miles away. Within the iOS or Android app, you can spot network issues or even security threats. Plus, with a sophisticated Wi-Fi capabilities, it’s great for all the connected devices around the house.

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