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Monitoring Mondays: What SMBs Are Afraid To Ask About Security

This weekly series will provide a recap of the most relevant news to come out of the tech world over the past week, with a specific focus on IT monitoring. It is easy to become immersed in your daily requirements as a sysadmin, but you don’t want to be that guy who is unaware of an important product release or company announcement that may change the way you do your job. With this in mind, it will be the goal of this series to arm you with ‘must know’ information so you can start your week off on the right foot knowing you are properly prepared. 

Tech leaders in an agile vs. legacy world

As hard as it is to believe, there are still a large number of tech companies who rely on legacy systems. Depending on spreadsheets to manage tasks/information is still a common approach vs. taking advantage of the cloud. Having modern visibility and access to collaborative IT tools will better position companies for success, but the issue faced by these businesses is pivoting from legacy to agile. In order to overcome this hurdle, CIO Insight has publshed a report on how tech leaders can best make this transition in order to experience better efficiency in project management. 

What SMBs need to know about security but are afraid to ask

The PCI Security Standards Council recently launched a new set of payment protection resources for small businesses which has been labeled as PCI Payment Protection Resources for Small Merchants. These new reports will help SMBs make security a top priority and should answer questions that many teams are afraid to ask. From understanding why security matters to important questions to ask vendors, be sure to check out some insights from Information Week on PCI's helpful resources. 

A look inside Facebook's data center 

Many companies don’t even give their own employees access to their data centers. However, Facebook open sources most of its server/networking designs, which makes them more open to giving outsiders a look at their systems. TechCrunch was given a tour of Facebook's data center facilities and recently published a nice visual article that sheds light on their technical set-up. Not every secret behind Facebook's IT was unveiled, but the images captured by the TechCrunch team are still quite interesting! 

Programming languages for DevOps success  

DevOps uses different languages for software development and deployment automation. If you are working to be successful with the DevOps approach, these languages promoted by Information Week are very helpful to know. Be sure to learn some of these languages if you don't know them already, and check out our recent blog on the similarities/differences between DevOps and Agile

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