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Monitoring Mondays: Oracle Expected to Give Java A Boost

This weekly series will provide a recap of the most relevant news to come out of the tech world over the past week, with a specific focus on IT monitoring. It is easy to become immersed in your daily requirements as a sysadmin, but you don’t want to be that guy who is unaware of an important product release or company announcement that may change the way you do your job. With this in mind, it will be the goal of this series to arm you with ‘must know’ information so you can start your week off on the right foot knowing you are properly prepared. 

Oracle expected to give Java a boost

While there have been community concerns revolving around Java, now is not the time to count out the 21-year-old platform!  According to a recently released session list for the upcoming JavaOne conference, the popular enterprise computing language will receive a great deal of attention from Oracle and other Java proponents who are looking to keep the platform current by working with technologies such as Docker containers, micro services and the Internet of Things. Oracle in particular is expected to introduce new plans to better equip enterprise Java for cloud computing. Head over to InfoWorld to get more details on what to expect at the JavaOne conference, which starts up in San Francisco on September 18th. 

Team Storm uses modern IT to breathe new life into legacy machines 

Most enterprise IT departments find themselves in a position where they need to use modern technologies/practices in order to breathe new life into their legacy hardware systems. However, this task can be quite complicated and is easier said than done. Serving as an interesting case study for IT teams looking to accomplish this sort of project, Robot Wars’ Team Storm is applying  the principles of DevOps, Internet of Things and real-time analytics to enhance the design of its next machine. While the central mission of Robot Wars’ is to arise interest around robotics, this first-hand look into their processes (courtesy of Computer Weekly) showcases how broader themes surrounding modern IT are applied to a specialized, niche industry. 

What going digital means for IT and the bottom line 

For companies that remain hindered by outdated systems and tools, going through a ‘digital transformation’ is a must in order to ensure future success. Relating digital transformation to specific numbers around customer engagement and improved product offerings can be difficult, but it is a challenge that IT leaders need to embrace. In an interview with CIO Insight, Bill Briggs (CTO of Deloitte Consulting) shares advice for CIOs who are undertaking a digital transition and struggling to match existing technologies with digital expectations. 

Cyber-security certifications to help your IT career 

Hiring IT professionals with proper training and experience in cyber-security is becoming more vital for all businesses. A shortage of cyber-security experts are leaving companies vulnerable to hacks. In fact, one in three respondents to a recent survey from Intel Security said the lack of cyber-security resources makes them a key target for hackers. Considering this risk and high demand for security talent, InformationWeek has provided a helpful list of cyber-security certifications that IT managers can utilize to boost their security knowledge/IT career and protect their organization.     

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This weekly series will provide a recap of the most relevant news to come out of the tech world over the past