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Monitoring Mondays: Microsoft Buys LinkedIn

This weekly series will provide a recap of the most relevant news to come out of the tech world over the past week, with a specific focus on IT monitoring. It is easy to become immersed in your daily requirements as a sysadmin, but you don’t want to be that guy who is unaware of an important product release or company announcement that may change the way you do your job. With this in mind, it will be the goal of this series to arm you with ‘must know’ information so you can start your week off on the right foot knowing you are properly prepared. 

Microsoft buys LinkedIn 

In one of the more prominent tech purchases of the year, Microsoft has announced that it is acquiring LinkedIn for $26 billion ($196 per share). LinkedIn will be keeping its branding and product while it becomes a part of Microsoft’s productivity and business processes area. The acquisition will have a major impact on both sides. For Microsoft, it brings in a previously missing building block to provide services for enterprises beyond software, since LinkedIn offers a largely increased reach in terms of social networking services and professional content. For LinkedIn, it eases concerns as to how they would ever compete with companies that are building more software on top of their social graphs. More news about the deal is sure to arrive throughout the week and those involved in enterprise social media are sure to feel the implications of this move in 2016. 

VMware launches new service to manage endpoint security

With security threats becoming more intensified over the past few years, VMware is undergoing an effort to help companies get a better handle on the security of the computers their employees use. Their new TrustPoint product uses software to easily track and manage computers without taking up lots of data. The software allows companies to detect what devices are on their networks  and identify which ones are being managed by IT. This will help businesses understand if they have machines operating outside the reach of their security systems, which could put company data at risk. TrustPoint will prove to be part of VMware's ongoing push to excel in the market of enterprise endpoint management, which is becoming increasingly popular as employees are bringing their own devices to work. You can learn more about VMWare's latest security efforts via Network World

How to achieve an As-a-Service transformation

Transferring your business to an As-a-Service business model can be a challenging, complicated effort. The delivery model has the ability to increase business value and provide competitive advantage. To evaluate if your organization is benefiting or would benefit from the power of As-a-Service, Network World has provided a list of things to consider in terms of 'value levers' as well as steps to properly achieve an As-a-Service transformation. Be sure to give this a read if your company is in the midst of discussing this type of move. 

100 best places to work in IT in 2016 

Whether you are looking for a new IT position or are comfortable in your current role, it's always a good idea to check up on lists that provide an overview of companies with the most highly rated IT organizations. Published by ComputerWorld, the list can be broken down via region as well as well employer size (large, medium, small businesses). Take a look at the best places to work in IT in 2016 and by reading up on the criteria/reasoning behind the picks, you can either seek out roles at these companies or bring their successful ideas to your own department! 


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