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Mastering Your Network Traffic with Network Analyzer

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Master Your Network Traffic with Network Analyzer

SFlow, NetFlow, and a beavy of other kinds of flows all coming out with every new router. With every new router comes a new way to monitor. The world of monitoring your network and traffic through any given router can be quite the confusing task. In Opsview, using flow collectors can bring to light traffic problems and bottlenecks in your network. See exactly how to use flow collectors, find out what the difference is in monitoring NetFlow and sFlow, and even go through how to put it all together in your own dashboard to make everything clear.

In this TechJam Webinar you will learn:

  • What Netflow and sFlow are and their differences
  • Why you should use NetFlow and sFlow collection if your devices support it
  • How to configure and modify the settings for optimal monitoring in Opsview
  • How to properly display collected data on a dashboard in Opsview Monitor


Just watch the on demand webinar above.

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