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Case study

Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Hall


  • Since 1971 Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Hall has been delivering a variety of technical services. These include network management and system monitoring, power plant optimization and heating, contracting and meter readings.
  • In the 24-hour manned control room, data from approximately 150,000 data points and around 700 systems are monitored
  • The community owned power company provides electricity, natural gas, heat and water for the city and adjacent communities

The Need for IT Monitoring

  • Needed a scalable monitoring solution to monitor their entire IT infrastructure 
  • Extensive requirements for an IT monitoring solution with 300 virtual servers, 33 blade servers and 30 physical servers
  • Required a monitoring solution which included all the necessary core services that display utilization values ​​and detect problems at an early stage to prevent failures due to pro-active intervention

Why Opsview Worked As a Solution

  • Advanced functionality, multiple system integrations, and scalability options
  • Can monitor and manage their entire IT infrastructure in a single dashboard
  • Using the autodiscovery function, Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Hall can easily integrate network devices, servers, data storage, printers, etc. These can then be monitored as individual devices or as groups of devices