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Schiphol Telematics


  • Schiphol Telematics is the network infrastructure provider for Amsterdam Airport and the surrounding area
  • The company is responsible for delivering voice and data services to over 500 customers including local retailers, offices and major airlines

The Need for IT Monitoring

  • Schiphol is under constant pressure to ensure full 24/7 network performance, so an effective IT monitoring capability is a must to ensure that these mission critical services keep running
  • Had a segmented view of its network with no single view of performance across the various 1,000+ network elements, switches and access points
  • Needed to address their current network monitoring challenges by choosing a cost-effective product that would securely scale to meet future requirements

Why Opsview Worked As a Solution

  • Provided a consolidated real-time view of the performance of its network infrastructure
  • Monitors all areas of the company’s network and feed performance information into a single dashboard
  • Quick and easy to implement, simple to use, feature rich and cost effective

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