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Equiduct Monitoring Case Study

Equiduct is a Regulated Market of the Borse Berlin AG. Börse Berlin AG is a stock exchange based in Berlin, Germany, founded in 1685 and is one of the oldest exchanges in Germany.

Equiduct provides a fast and cost-effective trading platform for European equities. Its technology is designed to provide order execution at the best price. Uniquely, Equiduct brings together retail brokers with dedicated market makers to provide retail investors with best execution on a pan European Regulated Market.

The Need for Opsview

Launched in 2009, and majority owned by Citadel Securities and Knight Capital Group, Equiduct needed a high performance, distributed monitoring system to give a unified presentation of network and systems telemetry from their London-based datacenters. As a start-up they felt the costs of a monitoring solution from one of the ‘Big Four’ proprietary providers couldn’t be justified. Equiduct also anticipated the rapid growth of their IT environment so wanted to avoid the expense and complexity of a per-node pricing model.

Why Opsview?

After an extensive competitive analysis of the leading open source monitoring tools, Equiduct selected Opsview Enterprise because it extended Nagios® Core's functionality to allow service definition by business-related groups, detailed trend analysis and SNMP trap processing all in a single, normalized interface. Its open source code base and compatibility with Nagios Core also enabled Equiduct’s support team to customize and extend Opsview Enterprise edition for their specific environment, within the support contract provided by Opsview.

Deployment and Result 

Equiduct now have a fully supported IT monitoring tool that manages multiple levels of infrastructure (from hardware through to mission-critical, real-time applications) in a single, unified interface. Opsview’s ease-of-use interface keeps Equiduct’s training costs to a minimum and means fewer staff are required to monitor and manage their high performance infrastructure. Equiduct can easily extend their installation through the use of Opsview’s Enterprise Modules and the hundreds of free plugins available for Nagios and Opsview’s simple subscription-based model doesn’t penalize Equiduct as they scale their IT environment.