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Primary Issues Affecting Today’s Largest Computer Networks

Network monitoring is the use of a system that constantly monitors a computer network’s overall health and efficiency. This includes identifying slow or failing components and in turn, alerting the network administrator to prevent the future occurrence of an outage within the system as well as improving operations in the short run. 

The larger the network, the greater the number of things that can go wrong. IT security personnel along with sysadmins tasked with monitoring the health of large networks struggle with the day to day challenge of keeping the IT side of their business operational and efficient. As large firms across the world become increasingly dependent on the performance of their software and hardware, the pressures put on the IT systems within the firms will only expand. 

The main issues that the largest of IT networks experience can be broken down into a few key areas: 

Degradation of Performance: 

•    This problem refers to the issue of losing speed, functionality and efficiency due to the ageing and increasing complexity of the network
•    Obviously faster growing sizeable systems are going to see greater issues in regards to this due to the additional quantity of hosts using the product
•    The requirement of constant updates for new hardware purchases highlights the limitations in existing equipment, which in turn struggles to integrate with the potentially updated technology 

Security Concerns:

•    The creation of barriers restricting unauthorized access within a network whilst minimizing the effect on the product is another issue that will vastly become more difficult with the increasing size of the firm
•    The larger the network size, the more susceptible to attack they are due to more vulnerable points at which intruders can gain access 
•    Many of the individuals within the firm will unlikely be aware of the importance of a secure network. This means employees tasked with protecting the product are regularly pressured or have their advice overlooked in order for the firm’s executives to see the results they expect

Issues caused due to not monitoring networks

Most companies that rely fairly heavily on their IT systems to allow their day to day operations to occur have at least some basic form on network monitoring system in place. If not, the firm is more likely to be susceptible to the following consequences:

•    Unable to recognize potential hardware issue which in turn, makes it harder to prep and plan hardware enhancements
•    Minimal surveillance within the network means an increased risk of a security breach potentially causing large outages thereby costing the firm significant amounts of money
•    Incapable of detecting availability within their systems and avoiding poor performance of web pages
•    Not able to recognize potentially hardware issues or planning hardware enhancements
•    Detecting security issues in your network
•    Ensuring availability and avoiding poor performance of web pages
•    Poor database performance

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