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Performance Data And Graphing With The New Opsview Monitor 5.0

Have you ever wondered how Opsview generates all those graphs for your dashboards, reports and the new Graph Center? Hopefully you were in attendance this morning at our ‘Performance Data and Graphing with Opsview Monitor 5.0’ webinar to learn all of the details first-hand. If not, have no fear! This blog provides a visual, comprehensive guide explaining how to get the most insight out of the vital data you have at your disposal.  

Collecting performance data

Opsview can collect performance data from plugins and SNMP checks. Any service with a graph symbol next to it has performance data associated with it.


When you look at the return from a plugin, you normally just see the Status Info, but if you go into investigate mode, you will notice some extra information returned by the plugin.


The bit after the pipe symbol (“|”) does not get displayed, this is the performance data. It normally includes a name, the metric and units. A plugin can easily return multiple metrics and even in different units, these are handled by Opsview and you can view them as graphs against your services.





You can easily view the performance data returned by your services on your Dashboards using performance graphs, dashlets (such as performance gauges), pie charts, or as elements on a process map.


Graph Center

The Graph Center is an exciting new feature in Opsview Monitor 5.0. It allows you to easily view groups of metrics from your service checks which can be grouped by service check type, host templates, Hashtags or Business Services. It makes it really easy to quickly view large amounts of data in a user-friendly view that makes any anomalies immediately obvious.



Opsview Monitor Reports are a great way to see what is going on within your systems because they let you view the performance or system availability data in templated reports. These can be sent out automatically by email, so you can receive them regularly straight to your inbox.


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