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Collecting Netflow, sFlow or jFlow data with Opsview's Network Analyzer Module

When it comes to network monitoring software, Opsview's Network Analyzer provides users with the ability to detect "Top Talkers" on the network and to identify hosts and ports that require more bandwidth than others in the environment.  According to a survey conducted by Opsview, 72% of users leverage NetFlow to accomplish this with an additional 10% using the compatible jFlow and 18% of those surveyed using sFlow. 

So what are NetFlow, sFlow, and jFlow?

NetFlow is a feature that was introduced on Cisco routers that provides the ability to collect IP network traffic as it enters or exits an interface. sFlow and jFlow are just different implementations that achieve the same thing.

NetFlow, sFlow and jFlow are all supported by the Opsview Network Analyzer module. So how do I set these up to be collected and processed? This guide shows you how to configure the Opsview Network Analyzer Module step by step. 


Step 1: You will need to set up a new flow collector in Opsview. The settings page can be found under "Settings -> Flow Collectors". This can even be set up to be collected via any Opsview monitoring server, the Master or any of your slave servers.

Step 2: The Flow generating device can be registered into Opsview as a Netflow source, it will need to be configured as a host in you Opsview system.

Note: jFlow is fully compatible with NetFlow. To use jFlow, just select NetFlow on the Flow Source page.

Step 3: Configure your device to pass its Flow data into the Opsview Master or Slave system you have configured.

Step 4: Once you have done this, all traffic data and “Top Talkers” by host and port can be displayed in Opsview dashboards.  See below for examples of Flow data being displayed in Opsview dashboards.

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