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Bringing Nagios from Good to Great

How is your IT monitoring solution working? Be honest now. Is your monitoring keeping up with the growth and scale of your organization? Does it have the capabilities and security that makes sense to not only you, but to your entire team? 

You may be experiencing the gaps and challenges that many Nagios implementations go through. Too many disconnected instances, hard to navigate user interface, and low security are all just top of the mind challenges when monitoring with Nagios. With such a customizable system, ripping and replacement might be an impossible task. So how can you really bring your Nagios IT monitoring from good to great? Is there an alternative to Nagios

In this eBook you will learn how to:

  • Avoid the multiple disconnected instances of Nagios
  • Create a true single point of monitoring
  • Get your weekends back from the configuration edit nightmare
  • Demonstrate value to the business by creating a single pane of glass for IT monitoring

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