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What's New in Opsview 5.1

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What's New in Opsview Monitor 5.1

In this short video, you can see the new features in Opsview Monitor 5.1.  The new features include new My Links, Change Log, Homepage and many other enhancements, that are now available. It helps you to operate more efficiently and track all monitoring changes as part of your change control process.

Below are the 5.1 highlights:

  • New My Links improves operational efficiency by allowing you to set up and convert an Opsview Monitor ‘shared URL’ into a permanent link which can be browsed via a new “My Links” section within the Opsview Monitor menu.
  • New Change Log provides much tighter integration of Opsview with your change control process, which is especially useful in ITIL compliant environments. 
  • Host Statuses added to the Opsview Monitor “Problems View” to go along with the current Service statuses, making it easier for you to identify issues.
  • New “Set as Homepage” feature allows you to set any tile to your Homepage, so when you log-in you will go straight to your preferred page for even greater efficiency.

Watch the video above and click here to request a full demo of all new Opsview Monitor 5.1.

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