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Why Upgrade to Opsview Core?

As Opsview Community is now deprecated, it's important for Community users to upgrade to the latest version of Opsview Core. 

What's Better About Opsview Core?

Opsview Core users benefit from a redesigned user interface, iOS push notification integration for the iOS app and new platform support.

Additionally Opsview Core has a stable release cycle with continuous improvements and security fixes and is supported by our eco-system and by our dev team via our forums.

Earlier this year we made significant improvements to Opsview Core's performance, including upgrading the core engine to run Nagios 4 and rewriting the database import component resulting in: 

50% faster

  • Core engine - Reduced load average by 60%
  • Reload times - Reduced by 50%
  • Database import - Reduced by 40%

We've also released a number of patches and enhancements to Nagios® Core 4 which we've included in Opsview Core. Find out more information here

Additionally the latest update to Opsview Core, released today, includes the following enhancements: 

  • Database optimization - up to 50% less SQL calls
  • Reload optimized - up to 25% faster if using lots of host attributes or SNMP interfaces
  • Linux SNMP Opspack  - provides agentless monitoring of Linux hosts

How do I upgrade from Opsview Community to Opsview Core?

To upgrade from Opsview Community to the latest version of Opsview Core, follow the process described here.

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What's different between Opsview Core, Pro and Enterprise?

Opsview Core is the free, open source version of our software, for use in test environments. With Opsview Pro and Opsview Enterprise you get access to our enhanced monitoring functionality including dashboards, autodiscovery, snmp trap processing and tech support.

Additionally with Opsview Enterprise you get additional enterprise functionality including NetFlow monitoring, multi-master capability, slave-server clustering and service-desk integration.

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