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What’s new in Opsview 4.6.2?

Our latest release of Opsview is an exciting first; it is the first time we are delivering functionality to Atom, Pro and Enterprise users at the same time -meaning everybody gets to benefit from the hard-work of our developers!

Opsview 4.6.2 provides a range of great integrations into other products, along with various feature enhancements, improvements to our super installation script, the implementation of customer feature requests and various bug fixes.

Here is a quick overview of all the new stuff:
•    Slack integration
•    Atlassian Hipchat integration
•    Twilio integration
•    Installation script improvements
•    Audit log improvements


We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of the integration with popular technologies Slack, Atlassian Hipchat and Twilio.

With these integrations, users will be able to send alerts generated in Opsview straight into the aforementioned platforms. This means that for Slack/Hipchat, you can have your Opsview alerts send straight into your DevOps/Engineering channel, along with alerts with other systems such as Jenkins/Other CI tools, giving you a great ‘single view’. 

For Twilio, you can send all of your Opsview alerts into Twilio and then decide what you’d like to do with them and when, i.e. ‘If we receive ‘Alert X’ on Sunday, call User X on +44 123456789 using a voice call’. 

With the introduction of the aforementioned 3 notification methods, Opsview has taken its number of methods to 11 – meaning there are now 11 different ways to be alerted about issues, from SMS and Push, VictorOps and PagerDuty, through to Slack and Hipchat – not to mention the ability to send alerts directly into a service desk! This means there has never been a better time to setup Opsview alerting and find out about potential problems before your users do.

Installation method

With the introduction of 4.6.2, the popular installation script got a turbo-boost with the introduction of various features, including:
•    The ability to tell Opsview to install using a remote MySQL database
•    The ability to use the installation script to install individual modules at a future date
•    The ability to use the installation script to completely uninstall Opsview (We are hoping you won't need to use this!).

These improvements along with many others will hopefully continue to make not only the initial installation of Opsview but also every day usage and administration of Opsview a breeze.

Audit Log

An often-forgotten about part of Opsview, in 4.6.2 we have given audit log a lot of love with the introduction of ‘Category’, classifying the events into separate categories including ‘CONFIG’ (a change has been made), ‘RELOAD’ (a reload has taken place) and ‘ACTION’ (something has been done, i.e. a re-check).

The beauty of this is that the ‘Apply changes’ page will now truly only display the ‘Number of changes since last reload:’ as it will only count the number of items tagged as ‘CONFIG’ as opposed to all items, giving administrators a far greater insight as to what has been changed and the volume of changes. 

More stuff

As always, there are the features and fixes that don’t get their own category! You can read about all of these features and fixes via the changelog page HERE, but I wanted to highlight a few nice features we’ve added:

•    Network analyzer can now run at a 1 minute interval on the dashlets.
•    Check_jmx plugin has been updated to the latest version.
•    Host templates can now include ‘event handlers’ on a per service check level.

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to 4.6.2 today

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