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Upgrading the Opsview Service Desk Connector for JIRA Server 7.0 and JIRA Cloud from SOAP API to the new REST API




The integration of Opsview’s JIRA Service Desk Connector enables the automatic creation of tickets in JIRA based on events in Opsview (i.e. Server goes offline, a ticket is raised and assigned to the support team).  

As you may have heard, Atlassian will be removing the SOAP and XML-RPC API’s as of July 6th 2015, as per their announcement here:

JIRA SOAP API Announcement

What this Means for Opsview’s Integration

This impacts us because our current JIRA service desk connector works using the SOAP API to interact with JIRA - meaning all Opsview customers who want to continue to create tickets in JIRA cloud and JIRA Server 7.0 (when released) will need to upgrade to our new REST API based method which can be downloaded via the Opsview repositories.

The documentation for this new method can be found here – however, the usage and configuration is very similar to the existing method.

If you are not using JIRA Cloud or JIRA 7.0 on premise, then you have the choice of the legacy SOAP API based service-desk connector or the new REST-API based connector.

If you have any queries or problems upgrading to the new method, please contact Opsview’s customer success team via and they will be glad to assist you in solving any issues.

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