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The True Risks of Duct Tape Solutions for IT Monitoring

Resourcefulness is a great trait, and many managed service providers (MSPs) take pride in finding unorthodox solutions to complicated problems. But, plugging a leaky boat with a wad of chewing gum isn’t going to keep it afloat forever. Neither is using low-end IT monitoring tools to manage demanding clients.

We cover this topic in our new eBook, “MSPs: It’s Time for Your IT Monitoring to Grow Up.” In it, we explain why clinging to the IT habits and products you relied on in your company’s youth doesn’t work as your business starts to grow—and we define the steps you can take to be sure that your technology meets the service-level quality you strive to deliver.

Hacked-together solutions are especially common for early-stage MSPs, who often don’t have the budget for premium tools but still have to keep their customers’ IT running around the clock.

That leads to a lot of patchwork problem-solving. What MSP hasn’t written a custom script to avoid buying software? Or tried to wring all of the life they could out of a trial version? Or played Monitoring Jenga – cobbling together free or low-end solutions until all (okay, most) of their clients were covered?

Those solutions become less practical as you add more clients and devote more time to support. Your business is growing (that’s a good thing!), but if your solution suite can’t scale because it requires constant customization or lacks certain features, moving forward is a slog.

What are the risks of relying too heavily on duct-tape solutions?

Wasted Time

How much time do your techs spend managing technology compared to supporting customers? The answer should reveal everything you need to know about the effectiveness of your existing IT tools.

As your business grows, you need time to focus on what matters most: the customer. If your techs are slowed down by ineffective IT, you run the risk of damaging profitable long-term client relationships.

Many MSPs say they have a hard time proving the value of their contracts to customers – 51 percent claim to struggle with this. Our eBook explains how grown-up IT monitoring helps you earn back time you can better spend keeping customers happy, building the type of value that leads to renewals.

Wasted Money

You might think using free or low-end tools saves money, but many MSPs burn cash by relying heavily on inadequate software.

It all goes back to the time you spend hacking around with these solutions. If your monitoring tool lacks critical features, requires customization or doesn’t help you deliver cost-effective support, you could be wasting valuable time that would be better spent on revenue-generating activities.

In fact, 19 percent of MSPs lose between 20 and 50 billable hours each month due to the shortcomings of bad technology. In our eBook, we explain how you can get that time back and turn it into productivity and profits.

Wasted Opportunities

Bad technology can’t scale with a growing business, and a growing managed services business can’t scale with bad technology. The biggest risk MSPs take by failing to invest in enterprise IT monitoring is that they lack the platform they need to move forward as a business.

Our April 2014 survey of IT professionals revealed that IT monitoring is the top area of investment for businesses worldwide. Your customers want the ability to proactively monitor their networks because they know that being connected all the time is everything.

With a grown-up IT monitoring platform, you can offer the speedy response times, deep-level reporting and system insight clients need to operate a healthy network. Our eBook explains what it takes for MSPs to deliver all that and thrive in a demanding managed services market.

Download our eBook "MSPs: It’s Time for Your IT Monitoring to Grow Up" to learn:

  • How to keep your tech team focused on your customers
  • How to reduce time spent on unreliable and inefficient technologies
  • How to prove value to your customers and create new revenue streams
  • How to differentiate from your competition and strengthen your brand recognition



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