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Top 5 reasons to attend our Opsview Monitor 5.0 webinar

Companies and businesses of all types tend to market their webinar’s in the same way with phrases such as ‘must attend’ and ‘don’t miss out’. However, too many organizations don’t provide proper information as to why attending their webinar is worth your valuable time. With the announcement of our webcast featuring the introduction of Opsview Monitor 5.0, we want to make sure that attendees are equipped with some important initial insights into our new release and why this is such an exciting time for Opsview. Whether you are a sysadmin looking for a new IT monitoring solution or already are an Opsview customer, there will be a number of relevant takeaways from the webinar which you will be able to utilize in your day-to-day work, making your life easier as a result. Here are the top 5 reasons you should attend our Opsview Monitor 5.0 webinar on October 14th at 11 am EDT.

    1. Get an Opsview company update

Before getting into the nitty and gritty details of Opsview Monitor 5.0, the beginning of our webinar will provide a more general overview of Opsview and why this is such an exciting time for the company. Our CEO Michael Walton will kick things off with an introduction about the growing status of Opsview and how our rebranding efforts alongside our upgraded new version release is going to put the organization in a position to take things to the next level. By receiving a general update on Opsview’s big picture vision, it will be easier to understand what Opsview Monitor 5.0 will accomplish as a powerful, easy to use monitoring solution. The company update will set the scene before getting into the specific aspects of today’s IT monitoring landscape and the robust capabilities of Opsview Monitor 5.0.

    2. Understand why IT monitoring is more important now than ever before

IT monitoring is something that should be on the mind of every sysadmin and IT professional. Knowing that your department can’t afford unnecessary periods of downtime, finding the right solution that fits your needs is essential in ensuring that you have a complete view of your systems. Our webinar will not only provide clarity to these talking points, but also stress the fact that your monitoring system should make things clearer, not more complicated! Being able to efficiently view your entire environment and know exactly how everything is behaving is essential to being effective with a monitoring solution, and this concept will lead into the multiple reasons why Opsview Monitor 5.0 is built to do exactly this.

    3. The official introduction of Opsview Monitor 5.0

While the first two reasons to attend our webinar offer nice background information, the real importance in registering is that you will be among the first to see our newly introduced Opsview Monitor 5.0 in action. Our introduction of the new release will demonstrate how Opsview Monitor 5.0 consistently gains insights on your entire IT infrastructure, which is the primary result that all sysadmins want out of their monitoring system. If you want to learn how to get insight out of your monitoring system at a 50% faster rate, you will want to be in attendance for our webinar as we explain how Opsview Monitor 5.0 makes what’s complicated simple.

    4. Learn all of the details about our new release in our demo presentation

After a brief introduction of Opsview Monitor 5.0, we will be running a comprehensive demo presentation which will get into the details of our new release. No more frustrating UI, no more needless command scripting, no more hour long configuration changes. Create dashboards that people will want to look at. Discover and resolve bottlenecks. Even get rid of the fear of the dreaded six letter word, growth, with easy scalability. These are all features that will be presented during our demo as you will see all the capabilities of Opsview Monitor 5.0 (such as the completely redesigned UI), how Opsview Monitor 5.0 cuts down configuration time by more than 90%, and our true scalability for both growth and infrastructure changes. All of the must-know information regarding Opsview Monitor 5.0 will be covered during our webinar and any questions you have about the product will be answered after the demo.

    5. Receive our 'State of the Sysadmin' report

Lastly, as a bonus for registering to our webinar, you will receive our recently released ‘State of the Sysadmin’ report, an e-book that takes survey results from over 250 respondents and reveals a number of insightful findings. From role perceptions both within/outside IT to statistics which prove that being strategic (rather than transactional) is driving sysadmins to earn more money, the report should resonate with IT professionals who are looking to make a difference in their position while helping them achieve the ultimate goal of climbing up the organizational ladder. When signing up for our webinar, the e-book will arrive right in your inbox!

Now that you are armed with proper background information, you should be in a better place to understand how attending our Opsview Monitor 5.0 webinar may be of benefit to you. If these 5 reasons have peaked your interest, click here for instructions on how to register right now! 

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