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Opsview's relationship with the Nagios project

We have a long history of working with Nagios®. Most of our technical staff has used Nagios for many years – both here at Opsera and at previous employers. Our Opsview product is based on Nagios because we believe it is the best open source monitoring engine available. The recent public fork and ensuing debate has raised potential concerns about the health of the Nagios project. To help out, we have provided more direct support to the Nagios project by committing changes from our code base into the central Nagios code repository. We see this is a mutually beneficial arrangement as we get our changes incorporated into future versions while all Nagios users get the benefit of bug fixes and enhancements. We will of course watch with interest to see how the Nagios code fork fairs over the coming months. Opsera are committed to work with all open source software for the benefit of our customers and the community and we will continue to work in developing Nagios. As Ton Voon, our Opsview architect, and Duncan Ferguson our Release Maintainer are now officially part of the Nagios development team, we hope to positively influence the future direction of Nagios', to make both Nagios and Opsview a better product for everyone.

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