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The #OpsviewMovieTakeover is Live!

With the holidays well and truly over and depression kicking in from eating one too many pieces of chocolate, we’ve decided it’s the perfect time to have a bit of fun. 

Want to win some great prizes and forget about those ugly socks you got for Christmas? We’ve got you covered with our #OpsviewMovieTakeover. Our Opsview mascots Todd and Carl have hijacked some classic movie covers, and all you have to do is correctly identify the film - easy! 

Get involved

To join in with in our #OpsviewMovieTakeover contest, simply follow us on Twitter @Opsview. When you see the #OpsviewMovieTakeover tweet and accompanying movie cover, retweet us with the correct title of the movie and include the hashtag. The contest begins Monday, Jan. 9 and runs through Friday, Jan. 13.

We will be posting movie covers throughout the week, so play every day for more chances to win. Once the contest has ended, we will be announcing prize winners on Twitter. 

Make sure to check back here often, as we’ll be adding cool content daily- you don’t want to miss out. 


Day 1

Back to the Future - Wishing you could go back in time? With the Historical Data Storage feature, Opsview Monitor can retain your gathered monitoring data, allowing you to report on historical trends and track your infrastructure performance results. 


Day 2 

The Dark Knight - Just as Batman is fighting the war on crime, you need to make sure your IT security levels are high. Keep sensitive information secure using smart and efficient security habits. Don't wait until you find out the hard way. 


Day 3 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Looking for something? Opsview Monitor contains an auto discovery feature capable of going into your network, finding your hosts and profiling them. Be proactive and get on top of your monitoring, rather than struggling to locate the devices you are looking for. 


Day 4 

Office Space

Office Space - Ever feel like smashing your monitor (or printer!) out of frustration? Business Service Monitoring gives you full control over your business services, enabling you to generate a greatly-enhanced view into your IT infrastructure. 


Day 5

Pulp Fiction Cover

Pulp Fiction - When you have a big, bad wallet and are being threatedned by 'hitmen hackers', you need top notch security. Opsview Monitor helps you monitor securely by encrypting database connections, communication between slave and master servers, login details and the credentials needed to monitor certain hosts. 



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by Freya Ballan Whitfield,

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