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Opsview Is A Game Changer!

Opsview is proud to be named as one of the Thames Valley’s ’50 Game Changers’, the initiative put together by Louize Clarke and her team at ConnectTVT

What is a Game Changer? 

Louize explains: “Someone or thing that stood out from the crowd as creating a brave new way for the Thames Valley. We wanted to champion the innovators, collaborators and those delivering inspiration.”

The Thames Valley, and in particular, Reading, is a hotbed of smaller, innovative companies, full of talented people who are all creating fantastic things.

Opsview now employs 55 people and we are set for our next phase of growth. We have already been collaborating with the likes of General Assembly and a number of universities, which has allowed us to bring new people into the company quicker than ever before. Let’s work in partnership to get this area on the map so we can grow together. Individuals can go out to support the growing meetup scene. Companies should make their voices heard, telling everyone about the fantastic and innovative work that is going on. People can work here, in the Thames Valley, in interesting roles, working on exciting projects at growing companies.

We love working with Connect TVT – Get involved and collaborate. Together we will be able to create something special and put the Thames Valley on the map on a national level.

What Next?

If you would like to find out more about the initiatives going on, visit the Connect TVT website or follow them on Twitter. You can find out more about what life is like at a game-changing company by following me on Twitter. Get in touch with me directly at if you would like to find out more about opportunities to join the team at Opsview.

You can see the full list of game changers here. 


Richard Saunders and Jon Baverstock

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by Richard Saunders,

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