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Opsview Community Product Shutdown

community shutdownIt's time to put Opsview Community to bed!

Opsview Community was last released in April 2012 and has been deprecated for over a year now, replaced by Opsview Core. For more information about the differences between Community and Core click here.

We have left the repositories open during this time, but it has now reached the end of its life, so we'll be doing a two phased shutdown. Firstly, we've added authentication, so you will have to use your account to get access to the repository - change your repository URL to:<REPOSITORY_KEY>/opsview-commercial/latest/

We will then remove access to the repository in the next few weeks.

If you currently have Opsview Community, the Update check used to show the status message below:

Community Current

If you are on a version of Opsview Community, from 3.20130424 or below, this message will change to say "UPDATES WARNING - Your Opsview Community software is deprecated. This looks like:

Community Deprecation

If you use the Community repository for Opsview Agent installations, you should convert to using the newest repositories (which includes security fixes). You can change your repository location from:


We're also cleaning up the mailing lists as the forum is the main way for users to get together. 

However, e-mails for source code checkins to the Opsview Core software will continue, but is now provided by Google groups. See for more information.

We've released a new version of Opsview Core today - click here to find out more.

if you have any comments of feedback please post on our forums.

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