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Opsview Announces Release Of Opsview Monitor 5.1

Following our successful release of Opsview Monitor 5.0 back in October, we are pleased to announce the release of Opsview Monitor 5.1.

Opsview Monitor 5.1, with new My Links, Change Log, Homepage features, and many other enhancements, is now available. It helps Opsview customers operate more efficiently and track all monitoring changes as part of their change control process, which is very useful for ITIL or other compliance requirements. Below are the 5.1 highlights:

My Links

This functionality allows users to convert a ‘shared URL’ into a permanent link, which is browsable via a new My Links section within the Opsview Monitor menu. 


Set as Homepage

With 5.1, each user can set any tile to be their homepage, meaning when they log-in or click the Opsview logo in the top bar, they will go straight to their favorite page.

Change Log

Change Log extends Opsview Monitors Audit Log and also keeps a record of all setting changes. If you enable Change Log, the user will be required to enter a comment. Change Log comments are stored in the Audit Log next to the change. This introduces change control into Opsview Monitor, which is very useful in ITIL compliant environments.

Problems view now shows Hosts

The Problems view now shows Host statuses as well as Service those for Services. This allows you to track your Host and Service check problems in one place.


There are also a number of enhancements in Opsview monitor 5.1 such as:
•    Time filtering in the Graph Center, Notifications and Audit Log
•    Enhanced filtering to Notifications
•    State duration as a column in Host Groups, Hosts and Services checker, Hashtags and Problems
•    State type column added to Host Groups, Hosts and Services checker with sorting 
•    Investigate windows now display the Host name, alias and IP address information
•    Output and performance data in Host and Service investigate windows will now invoke scrollbars if there is a lot of data preventing it being cut off
•    History and Events tabs and Events View now include acknowledgements and downtimes 
•    Acknowledgements for hosts and services can now be viewed and removed
•    Added audit log entry for Flow Settings
•    Added Host contextual menu to Hashtag details, Problems and Notifications page
•    Added Host and Service contextual menus to Events viewer

The full list and documentation of new capabilities and enhancements is captured in Opsview Monitor 5.1 Release Notes

To see these new capabilities in action, take a few minutes to view the 5.1 demo

Upgrade now!

Opsview Monitor 5.1 is available now so existing customers can upgrade right away. Full documentation can be found on our Knowledge Center including a complete description of how to complete your upgrade.


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