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Monitoring St.Patrick's Day with Opsview - Wrap Up

For those of you who took part and for those who may have missed it, here's a summary of the Opsview St Patrick's Day Pint Monitor. Thanks to everyone who shared and contributed this year, we've packed the dashboard away for now until the next special occasion but here are some of the high (or low) lights…

The inaugural St Patrick’s Day Monitor kicked off with the aim of helping busy System Administrators, DevOps Engineers and anyone else fully “experience” the great Irish tradition. 

The full dashboard monitored just about every single Guinness being drank across the world (by our super accurate *cough* sources). Opsview’s dashboard enabled you to witness just how many pints were being drunk at that precise moment, the past hour and the past three hours, as well as how much money was being spent.

At the above moment in time a whopping 6.85million pounds had been spent and 1.96 million pints consumed. To quantify:

  • £6.85 million will get you approximately 13,198 shiny new iWatches
  • 1.96 million pints is enough for everyone living in Dublin to have 3.5 each (is that enough?)

The Opsview St Patrick's dashboard hoped to bring a welcome sense of relief to those constantly worrying about their systems and instead, focus on something a bit more trivial for once.

The engineering team seemed fairly relaxed (time of photo undisclosed)...

The final total clocked up at 13 million pints of Guinness consumed across the globe in celebration of St Patrick's Day. Opsview staff contributing their fair share along the way, keep an eye out next year. 


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