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Help! How do I update my licence with Opsview each year?

It’s a common scenario. Your subscription renewal has been agreed, and your new entitlement ID has been issued straight to your inbox ready to be activated for your new subscription term.  There’s just one problem: how do I re-activate Opsview?

Thankfully, it’s a very simple and straight forward task. There are two potential scenarios we need to cover.  The first is an activation via the internet.  Your server must be able to reach

To re-activate Opsview please navigate to:


Paste your EID into the requested field and click 'SUBMIT'.

The second method is a manual activation. You will use this method if you are unable to connect to our activation server.

First you need to navigate to At this page you will be prompted to login. Please select ‘EID’.  Paste your EID in the appropriate box.

Upon logging in you will see the following screen:

Click the ‘ACTIVATE’ button. You will see the following screen.

To obtain the ‘Client 1 info’ string, please navigate to http://<SYSTEM-IP>/activation/manual – here you can copy and paste the ‘client info’ string into the ‘Client 1 Info’ box detailed above.

Upon clicking ‘generate’ you will receive your license key.

Nearly there! You can now copy and paste this string into the screen at http://<SYSTEM-IP>/activation/manual  

Click ‘submit’ and you should see the following screen:


If you are still unable to activate, our support team are always here to assist you. Please create a support incident within our support portal at - if you are unable to login or have simply forgotten your details please reach out to our Customer Success team at who will be more than happy to assist you gain access to our support portal. 


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