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Getting Started with Opsview Service Checks

Opsview Service ChecksThis blog post will get you started with creating service checks on your hosts.

To register a new client into Opsview, you need to have fulfilled the opsview-agent prerequisites.

This completed, you will need to use the GUI to register the host client into Opsview. 


Configure Opvsiew Host

2. Click the '+' icon

Select Hosts

3. Fill in the required boxes, pay attention to the 'host templates' box at the bottom. This is where you can configure in pre-set service check templates.

Host Templates

4. Select NOTIFICATIONS at the top of your tab, selecting the required options. Navigate the remaining tabs if you wish to make adjustments here.


5. Click 'submit changes'.

6. Now we need to apply these changes - CONFIGURATION > APPLY CHANGES

apply changes


Opsview running

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