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Four reasons why you should be at our Opsview Boston Meetup

Our first inaugural Opsview Boston Meetup is only a day away! It’s easy to get caught up in the never-ending slate of tasks on your plate, and sometimes we forget that connecting with people face-to-face can lead to promising opportunities that have a positive long term impact on your day-to-day work. So if you happen to be in the Greater Boston Area (or even the New England Area for that matter), come by the Cambridge Brewing Company tomorrow night anytime from 5pm-7pm to meet and talk tech with fellow Opsview Users as well as a wide range of other IT professionals. In case you need a bit of convincing, here are the top four reasons why attending our meetup is a valuable use of your time.

Learn about Opsview Monitor 5.0

We recently released our biggest version update yet with Opsview Monitor 5.0! There are a ton of improved features in our newly unveiled tool and being in attendance at our event is a great way to learn about Opsview 5.0 by directly interacting with us and asking any questions you may have. Opsview's own Product Manager Sam Marsh will be present to show off all the new capabilities of Opsview Monitor 5.0 (as well as a sneak peek of the Opsview Monitor Mobile App). If you want to talk about your own Opsview experience and are curious as to how Opsview Monitor 5.0 will enhance your monitoring abilities, making your life easier as a result, the Cambridge Brewing Company is the place to be tomorrow night. 

Network with fellow sysadmins

Presenting and highlighting the useful attributes of Opsview 5.0 is something we can do all day. But our meetup is more than just about Opsview, it’s a chance to meet like-minded IT professionals who have similar interests, specifically regarding the increasingly important topic of IT monitoring. We know the struggle of living life behind a computer screen and sysadmins know this lifestyle all too well. This is a chance to leave the office a little early and converse with a passionate group of people that could lead to promising professional relationships and friendships. 

MIT special guest appearance

Another reason to attend our Opsview Boston Meetup is the fact that we will be having a special guest from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who will be speaking on his in-depth experience using Opsview. While testimonials and case studies are things you see on a daily basis, a live presentation tends to have a more substantial impact on both current users and those who are interested and recognize the need for IT monitoring. Don’t just take our word for it, be there to watch a first-hand customer success story for yourself. 

Free food and free beer

What’s better than free food and free beer? That is what we will be offering at our meetup tomorrow night at the Cambridge Brewing Company. Come on down and grab a well-balanced Cambridge Amber. Get refreshed with a Regatta Golden Cream Ale. Or, get the taste of fall with CBC’s first and most sought after seasonal beer, The Great Pumpkin Ale. It’s all free. Refreshing drinks and a fine selection of free appetizers to get filled up on sounds a lot better than sitting in traffic for hours upon end. It doesn’t get much more convincing than that!

There is still time to register, so click here to reserve your spot and we hope to see you tomorrow night! 

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