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The best ways to upgrade to Opsview Monitor 5.0

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What’s new in Opsview Monitor 5.0?

If you have not already seen all of the new capabilities in Opsview Monitor 5.0, the first place to start is to watch our release webinar and full demo presentation.

If you have already aware of Opsview 5.0’s new features and are anxious to get your Opsview Monitor system upgraded, here are a few things to consider before upgrading and instructions on the easiest ways to do so.

Hardware requirements

Hardware requirements have not changed much between Opsview 5.0 and other recent releases of Opsview Monitor, but it is always worth checking our Knowledge Center to ensure your systems are going to perform at their best.

Operating System Support

Before upgrading, you can check to see if all aspects of your Operating System are supported in the Knowledge Center:

If you are running the previous release of Opsview Monitor (such as version 4.6) the only changes is the addition of the latest release of Debian 8.0 ("Jessie"), removal of 32-bit Operating System support and RHEL 5.0

Upgrade Paths

There are two upgrade paths one can take; you can either use your package manager in your preferred distro to upgrade all the Opsview packages, or setup a new installation of the latest version of Opsview Monitor and then migrate your existing data across.

If you are running a system that meets the hardware requirements for Opsview Monitor 5.0 and is running a supported Operating System, you can go straight ahead and update using your package manager.

If you need to change your hardware or Operating System, you can simply create a new installation and then migrate your Opsview configuration and data across. There are instructions on installing a new system and migrating your data on our Knowledge Center:

Note: Whichever upgrade path you choose, it is always worth either backing up your Opsview Monitor configuration, and if you are running in a virtual environment, taking a snapshot before making any major changes to your system.

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