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Announcement Of Opsview Monitor 5.2.1

Opsview Monitor 5.2.1 Announcement

After our release of Opsview Monitor 5.2 which included new features such as My Links and Change Log,  we are happy to announce the general availability of the latest update to our flagship software Opsview Monitor 5.2.1. This minor version contains fixes for five known issues:

  • Opspacks - Installation of supporting files for selected plugins were being placed in the wrong location, impacting WMI, Cloud AWS and Hyper-V Service Checks. This issue only impacts brand new installs of Opsview Monitor 5.2 and does not impact customers upgrading to 5.2 from a previous version.
  • Downtime - An issue with the Opsview web response when deleting downtimes via REST API for a Host or Service without a start time or comment has been resolved.
  • Passive Results - Passive options are now only shown in the menu if the Host or Service allows passive results.
  • SNMP Traps - The SNMP Interfaces warning message where interface_number may not exist has been updated.
  • Dashboard XSS - An XSS issue in the ‘Share My Dashboards’ grid has been resolved.

More information about this release can be found in our Release Notes.

Please upgrade at your earliest convenience using your package manager or alternatively, contact the Customer Success team who will be happy to assist you.


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