Monitoring Mondays: Making Sense of IoT Data

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This weekly series will provide a recap of the most relevant news to come out of the tech world over the past week, with a specific focus on IT monitoring. It is easy to become immersed in your daily requirements as a sysadmin, but you don’t want to be that guy who is unaware of an important product release or company announcement that may change the way you do your job. With this in mind, it will be the goal of this series to arm you with ‘must know’ information so you can start your week off on the right foot knowing you are properly prepared. 

How IT professionals can make sense of IoT data

All sorts of Internet of Things devices are entering the workplace at a rapid pace. In fact, Gartner has reported that 20.8 billion connected "things" will be in use worldwide by 2020. IT leaders need to consider how IoT will influence business strategy and processes, especially if there are any doubts about dealing with its widespread effect that they may not be equipped to handle.  With IT departments being greeted with an influx of potentially overwhelming IoT data, Information Week has provided a list of strategies that will help IT leaders make sense of the data which could be vital in properly handling their infrastructure.     

Recap of LinuxCon 

It is hard to believe that Linux has been around for 25 years! Last week, the devoted Linux community gathered at the annual LinuxCon event to celebrate and discuss all things Linux. While it was interesting to hear Linux founder Linus Torvalds reminisce on the history of Linux, it was even more insightful to learn more about Linux not just as an operating system, but encapsulating a wider market of open-source technologies that it helps enable. EWeek has provided a nice recap on ‘Tracing Linux’s Roots, and Mapping Its Future’ that should be a great read for all diehard Linux users. Also, don’t forget to visit our newly created Linux page containing all sorts of Linux information as well as our interactive “Save Tux” game which is bizarrely addicting! 

Best practices for keeping your big data secure 

Geared toward companies challenged with keeping their big data secure, the Cloud Security Alliance released a new report offering 100 best practices that includes tips on today’s most common security/privacy challenges. Since going through 100 best practices may be a bit time consuming, PC World published a concise summary of the report which should help enterprises keep their information safe. The risks that come with big data are only going to grow, so be aware of the common downfalls ahead of time and you’ll be thankful for it later. 

How small companies can get ahead through technology sharing 

In a 2015 Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) survey, 88% of global CEOs surveyed said that digital technologies delivered high value in operational efficiency to their organizations and 84% placed a high priority on analytics/big data investment. And while these statistics may apply for companies of all sizes, smaller businesses may find themselves at a disadvantage due to a lack of resources. One way of overcoming this challenges is sharing technology, which can be a great option for small companies that can't afford to invest in the solutions they need. Read this article on Tech Pro Research to find out some of the best opportunities for small companies to share technology.