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Case study

Dimension Data


  • Dimension Data Luxembourg works with a number of organizations across various industry sectors helping customers plan, build, support, and manage their IT infrastructures

The Need for IT Monitoring

  • The company was faced with the challenge of ensuring that all services were running well 24/7 and that they were meeting customers’ service level agreements
  • Realized they did not have the service-level monitoring, reporting, and trends analysis capabilities necessary
  • The company needed a tool that offered streamlined, real-time monitoring, which had to provide a snapshot of all areas of the IT environment being used by the customer

Why Opsview Worked As a Solution

  • Provided a single, real time view of network, server, application and cloud performance
  • Easy to navigate dashboard pooled information from all other monitoring tools in use, letting managed service providers (MSPs) easily assess the performance of all areas of IT
  • Has automated reporting, which allows MSPs to create detailed performance analysis and trend reports
  • Multi-tenancy capability was vital. Rather than Opsview running separately for each customer, Dimension Data was able to provide monitoring to individual customers from one single deployment