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Aurubis AG


  • Aurubis AG is the largest copper manufacturer in Europe, accumulating revenues of over €6billion in the past several years. It operates in seven European countries and employs about 4,700 workers
  • All IT operations at Aurubis are based on various key performance indicators. These KPIs allow them not only to evaluate and control IT’s performance, but also to continually adjust IT operations to the needs of the company

The Need for IT Monitoring

  • Needed a central, company-wide monitoring system for all subsidiaries that allowed for a European standardized analysis of reported data and presentation of KPIs

Why Opsview Worked As a Solution

  • Allowed Aurubis a convenient method of analyzing collected data
  • Historical metrics were able to be incorporated into the infrastructure so that all values in the monitoring system could be processed simultaneously and displayed in one single web interface
  • New KPI reporting tools to increase transparency both within and outside of their IT department
  • A routine, customizable monitoring process allowed the organization to better use existing capacities and to systematically identify the need for optimization

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