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Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty


  • Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty (AGCS) is the Allianz center of expertise for large corporate, industrial, and speciality insurance 
  • With a worldwide network serving more than 160 countries, Allianz has an exclusive focus on the needs of global corporate and specialty clients. Allianz offers global business insurance through a comprehensive service range for many different industries based all around the globe 

The Need For IT Monitoring

  • Allianz was experiencing difficulty within their current server and application monitoring environments. There was a distinct lack of visual data and they required real time notifications and predictive performance analysis which could be based on trend figures
  • AGCS required their IT infrastructure landscape to have monitoring for server health checks, service monitoring, self-heal, application availability, and additional support for reporting and notifications
  • With 500 servers, 20 core switches and 5 UPS spread across 60 countries worldwide, Allianz needed an adaptable and intuitive monitoring solution to support their business moving forward

Why Opsview Worked As A Solution

  • Vastly improved monitoring of server space and application health checks
  • Notifications provided timely updates of critical events
  • Made the entire system flexible and scalable for potential future growth

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