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Win A Case Of Guinness By Taking Our St. Patrick's Day Quiz

This contest has now ended. Thank you to everyone who participated. Please continue following us for news, updates and future chances to win prizes!

On St. Patrick’s day, people from all over the world wear green and head to the closest pub for a few rounds. For those in need of some good fortune on their favorite holiday, ádh mór means good luck in Irish Gaelic. Today, we are bringing the celebration straight to you by testing your ádh mór with some St. Patrick's Day trivia. If you are lucky enough, participating in the quiz will reward you with a special St. Patrick’s day themed prize. Sound tempting? Pour yourself an Irish coffee and have some fun by following these simple steps: 

1. Complete the ten question quiz below

2. Follow Opsview on Twitter or Facebook and share your results

3. Include the hashtag #OpsviewLuck

4. That's it - you're entered to win a case of Guinness!

Winners will be selected at random on Monday, so keep following us for updates! 

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