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The Untamed and Untapped Mobile Frontier for Mid-Market Enterprises



Everything Goes Through Mobile

Cloud utilization, server visualization, and increased budgets for IT are all big trends that will be in full swing this year. However, one of the biggest trends that seems to flying slightly under the radar is the move towards mobile. With small businesses making due without resources and large enterprises already in the middle of undertaking a major shift in adopting a mobile maturity model, it leaves mobile adoption as an untamed frontier (and mainly untapped resource) for Mid-Market Enterprises. 

According to Forbes, the top 25% of SMEs are seeing double revenue growth and eight times job growth based on mobile adoption. With the affordability of smartphones going up (smartphones are now available as $40!) in combination with the drop in mobile network infrastructure costs (data speeds are now skyrocketing), it has created a perfect storm for the penetration of mobile usage. Smack dab in the middle of this storm are Mid-Market Enterprises.

Looking for high growth at a small cost? Mobile just might be your answer. Increases of nearly 60% have been reported by mid-market enterprises who take on a mobile-first approach to their websites. Google has even gone as far as to penalize (Mobilegeddon update) websites who do not do enough to cater to a mobile experience. And perhaps most importantly, consumers are valuing companies more when mobile technologies are in place, which includes internal perspectives as to how employees see their employer.

Is Mobile the Diamond in the Rough for Mid-Market Enterprises?

So how can Mid-Market Enterprises tap into the gold veins of the mobile frontier? Well, the first task to complete is locking down security. Mobile devices come with a lot more security risks than past technologies. With more apps and capabilities being released every day, each poses its own potential backdoor access or security risk into the environment. 

Another action item Mid-Market Enterprises can prioritize is to take on projects that are consumer facing first. Reap the benefits of having a mobile-first website while providing secure and user-friendly payment gateways.  These simple fixes (nothing is simple though!) can have an immediate effect on the growth of your company, which will help in getting buy-in for future projects to facilitate an iterative approach (think small wins add up to big wins!).

So while mobile has been a primary focus in tech for several years, we are still just at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the mobile frontier, especially when it comes to small and medium enterprises. Ensure that your business is doing enough to provide a quality consumer experience via mobile because the numbers speak for themselves! If you want to learn more about how Mid-Market Enterprises can make the most out of their IT and allow their technologies to work for them, head over to our IT Monitoring for Mid-Market Enterprises page

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