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Top Features You Need to Take Advantage of In Our New Opsview Monitor Mobile App

Our newly released Opsview Monitor Mobile App was announced this past week, providing an improved and easier way for Opsview users to oversee the health of their IT environment. We recently covered the top reasons why you should upgrade to the latest mobile offering and discussed what makes our new app stand out from the previous version. However, there is still plenty to share regarding the features of Opsview Monitor Mobile that allow you to monitor what's important to you from anywhere, at any time. 

Opsview Monitor Mobile App

Faster speed

The faster speed of Opsview Monitor Mobile plays a major role in the user experience as it takes far fewer interactions to complete actions. User experience is focused around raising info up the hierarchy so the user can digest info about their whole system from top level views, avoiding the need to take a deep dive into the system unless in-depth investigation is required. 

Streamlined viewing

Opsview Monitor Mobile’s streamlined viewing contains performant native lists and host groups that quickly show what needs attention using colored circles highlighting unhandled issues under the host group. All lists show the state of the object as well as its handled or unhandled state. Small dials/ pie charts quickly show the user the state of all their hosts and services under top level objects, alerting them to issues. There is also an option to filter out anything that is in a handled state, allowing the user to focus only on unseen issues, which is useful for on-site triaging since on-screen clutter can waste time. 

New graphing

New graphing within Opsview Monitor Mobile works on mobile devices and tablets. You can compare up to three metrics at a time on the graph with color coded graph lines and easily scrub through ranges of graph data from one hour up to a year. The state of the graph is preserved if you navigate away from the graph tab, so you can look at the Info or History screen and go back to where you left off. 

A wide selection of actions 

In order to perform a wider variety of tasks on the go, actions are now available on all list views for host groups, hosts, and services. Similar actions such as web UI and easy to use multi-selection experience are performant enough to handle huge lists of hosts and services. Actions are also available on ‘investigate view’ to ensure you can acknowledge something directly from swiping on a notification on your phone. 

Learn more about our new Opsview Monitor Mobile App here and view the steps to upgrade/install today! 


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