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SCALE 15X - The Southern California Linux Expo

This week brings us the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE), an annual Linux, open source and free software conference held in Los Angeles. 

The focus of the expo is to provide educational opportunities surrounding the topic of Open Source software, in a range of methods including technical seminars, product displays, software demonstrations and tutorials. 

This year marks the 15th year of this well renowned conference, attracting thousands of people and featuring around 200 speakers. The topics to be discussed at the event this year range from open source basics such as security and licensing, to the latest trends and views of popular names in the open source community. 

The featured speakers include PayPal Head of Open Source Danese Cooper, together with PayPal OSS Programs Evangelist Duane O’Brien. Added to this are two members of the Facebook team- Tejun Heo, Software Engineer, and Yannick Brosseau, Product Engineer.

The expo also offers a number of special events such as DevOpsDay LA, a day-long event focusing on the interaction and integration between traditional silos of DevOps, celebrating its 7th year. In addition to this, there is the Yocto Project embedded training session and UbuCon, a mini conference covering the latest news on the Ubuntu community and how to improve.

For more information on #SCALE15X and to see the full schedule, check out the website


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