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OPSView Pro not generating notifications for all service checks

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OPSView Pro not generating notifications for all service checks

So I am new to OpsView Pro. I have 5.2 up and running. I'm noticing for some service checks such as disk queue on host, I am not getting notifications. It is not an email issue. Postfix is configured and we are getting emails for example like when I restart the host and it reports that it is down. Also, investigating the host or the specific service check, OpsView doesn't show a notification in the notification tab either. Is there a setting that prevents notifications from being sent for certain things. I can see that this may be useful to make sure you aren't constantly spammed with "hiccups". I should add that the unreported alerts are usually a minute or less. They do show up in events just no notifications are sent. 

Duncan Ferguson
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Notifications can be

Notifications can be configured in a number of locations and it is the combination of all the areas that decide whether or not notifications should be sent.

Places to look:

  • On the host
  • On the servicecheck (some servicechecks inherit some notification options from the host)
  • On the notification profile you are using (do you have specific hostgroups ticked?)
  • Are the timeperiods all set for 24x7 or similar, which cover the period of time the notifications should be generated
  • Does your role have all the required permissions for all the objects in question?