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SNMP TRAP wont work

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Berthold Schneider_1
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SNMP TRAP wont work

Since I am not a Linux Pro I am kinda lost when it comes to : 

sudo service snmptrapd start
RESULT = snmptrapd: unrecognized service

I did all what was stated in serveral documents and FAQs  configured several host sending traps to opsview, used the SNMP Trap - Alert on any trap , enabled tracing  . . .

I do not get any sort of traps into opsview. I had the hope this would work out of the box when using Opsview VM but maybe I am wrong and missing something and guess the missing service may be the reason. unrecognized service. Any kind of help is more then welcome.



Duncan Ferguson
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Some OS's combine both snmpd

Some OS's combine both snmpd and snmptrapd into one script, so you may find this works better:

sudo service snmpd