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Same MRTG graphs for all serial interfaces

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Same MRTG graphs for all serial interfaces

We have a Cisco 7200VXR with over a dozen T1 connections coming into it. I have Opsview Core connecting via SNMP (built in SNMP, nothing spectacular) and passing the graphing to MRTG. However, all but one of the serial connections have the EXACT same graph. The Fast Ethernet port does have its own distinct graph as well.


Here's a list of the interfaces, and which ones have the unique graphs:


FastEthernet1/0 <- different, and showing 100Mbit like it should   Serial2/0:0 Serial2/1:0 Serial2/2:0 Serial2/3:0 Serial2/4:0 Serial2/5:0 Serial3/0:1 Serial3/1:2 Serial3/2:3 Serial3/3:4 Serial3/4:5 Serial3/6:0 Serial3/7:0 Serial4/0:0 <- different Serial4/1:0 Serial4/2:0 Serial4/3:0 Serial4/4:0   What do I need to change?