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Not getting SNMP v3 traps in Opsview

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Not getting SNMP v3 traps in Opsview

Hi all,

I have set a host that sends SNMP v3 traps to OpsView Enterprise, I configured the credentials in the host configuration page, tested them and I can connect to the host so all is working fine so far.

The problem that I have is that although the host is set to send v3 traps and in Opsview credentials are right, I'm not getting any traps in the exception list to move forward with my setup. I know I'm receiving the traps because I have ran tcpdump on the Opsview instance but they do not register.

Did the same setup for v2 and everything works fine, whatever is not set through a rule is caught in the SNMP exception list but nothing from v3.

What am I missing here ?