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Netflow collecting for ASA not working right

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Braydon Dahlberg
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Netflow collecting for ASA not working right


I have attempted to configure Netflow on a Cisco ASA 5555.  I have done this numerous times without an issue but I seem to have an odd issue this time

I can see from the ASA that the netflow data is exporting properly and I can see the data within the opsview dashboard as well.  I am nicely graphing the data and can see top host transmitters and top host recivers perfectly.  The issue is that the 'top transmitters' widget is not working and just shows 'no data available'.  you can also normally get to this view from clicking a point on the graph, but although I can see the graph and the peaks and valleys fine, when i click a spot on the graph it pops up with the top transmitters window but again just presents the 'no data available' message

i have never seen this behavior.  I have seen where netflow as a whole just doesnt work due to various configuraiton issues but never where it mostly works but a single widget or view does not.  

Has anyone experianced this before? Anyone have any idea what is causing this?

Thanks for any help you can provide

Duncan Ferguson
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I have seen in the past where

I have seen in the past where the netflow daemon on the slave receiving the data gets "stuck" and essentially drops the connection to the master server.  Restarting the daemon gets it doing again.


On the slave as the nagios user run

pkill opsviewnfd ; sleep 5 ; opsviewnfd

This was fixed in 5.4.0 so have you upgraded to this version yet?


Braydon Dahlberg
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Thanks for the idea,

Thanks for the idea,


I did try that the other day and unfortinatly it did not help.  We are currently on version 5.3


I even opened a ticket with cisco to ensure I didnt fat finger somthing in the config but they verified its all correct.  The netflow data is getting graphed and usually thats the same data you can click on to pull up the table to see the actuall top talkers in that instant.  Im not sure what the fix is but i still belive that it has somthing to do with opsview.


any other ideas would be apriciated if you have some